Accesibility through Flexibility

Guranteed Paid Work Experience

Our preapprenticeship programs run for 6 or 12 (PATH for those enrolled in a high school related curriculum) months and can be done fully from home using an industry leading team collaboration environment. Once completed, we guarantee your first paid work experience in the field.

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Real Trainers, Real Employers, Real Experience

Say Yes To Real Career Tranformation

Our preapprenticeship are registered with the Florida Department of Education

Real Trainers

Recieve instruction training from people who do the job everyday.

Guaranteed Experience

Work with real companies upon graduation.

Real Experience

Get real job experience on your resume!

Fully Virtual

Learn from the comfort of your own home!

Industry Certifications

Train for industry certifications and a FL DOE certification as well.

360 Skills Development

Learn technical, soft, digital, and management skills.


Success Stories from Students

Our programs are specifically designed to take an individual from zero knowledge to a high-performing team player. We focus on developing you into a complete package with our 360-transformation approach, as we focus on technical skills, soft skills, project management, and cutting-edge application of skills.

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Join our Febryary 8th 2024 Coding Cohort ?

Join participants across Florida in our 6 month Software Development (Coding) cohort. Participants in all preapprenticeship programs will enjoy the benefit of paid on completion coupled with instructional training from experienced instructors.